About Us

Creator started out 10 years ago as Creatormail.

We started a new approach to email marketing - from easy to use desktop software to fully managed e-trading architecture, a start-to-finish email marketing service designed specifically to drive revenue online.

Of course, we do everything that you would expect of a digital agency - websites, apps, email, design, banners and more. We are experts in driving revenue online, email marketing, consultancy, design, database system integration, data management software. We work across business sectors – travel, retail, pharma, healthcare, entertainment, education.

But we have grown.

We've gone beyond traditional email marketing to encompass any of our clients' digital needs.

We've branched out with our clients to provide a multitude of data-led services – engagement warehousing, single-customer-view portal for millions of customers, back-end ticketing services, transactional systems, integrated call-centre software, the list goes on. Have a look through our What We Do section to see the full picture. Then, get in touch to see what we can do for your business.

We are professional. We love our work. We have fun. We are Creator.