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Friday 19th September 2014

This weekend, Creator will be upping sticks and moving to the other side of Central London. This will be our fourth move, reflecting our rapid growth over just 9 years. We started out in modest rented accommodation in Grafton Mews in 2005 with just 4 employees. By 2007 we had 20 staff and moved to Russell Square - quadrupling the space we had. Then in 2009 we moved again to Euston to cope with 38 people. But that office lasted just 18 months - by which time we had 76 employees - and so we moved to our current location in Eversholt Street.

Visitors will have noticed in recent months that we've now filled this place as well, and the hunt has been on for new premises for over a year. Managing Director Mark Brennan said "We've basically outgrown our current offices 4 years too early. So we were looking for somewhere that gave colleagues and our clients a bigger space, and more fluid environment to work in."

The senior team has been trawling London looking for a suitable space, and finally struck the jackpot a few months ago, in amongst the political hubbub of Westminster. Since July, we've been working with office design company iSpace Interiors on the layout and design of the new offices.

Brennan continues, "We really wanted to create a space that's flexible enough for formal and informal meetings. We're a busy agency with lots of small groups working on different projects, and it was really key for me to make sure the office we created helps those teams to work even more effectively. I think we've achieved that."

Our new address will be:

Ergon House, Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2AL

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We'll be at our new address bright and early on Monday 22nd September - hope to see you soon.