Creator in 8-1 win over BT side lacking vision

Wednesday 21st August 2013

There were goals galore as Creator romped home to an outstanding 8-1 victory over BT.

Premiering their new season's kit, the team rose to the challenge of their rivals, displaying skill and prowess, proving they could walk the walk, as well as talk the TalkTalk.

It was clear from the first 5 minutes that Creators extensive pre-season training had given them the edge over a BT side that lacked vision throughout the game. In a performance that had Gareth Bale quaking in his bright orange boots, Creators lead striker Dan Martin bagged 5 goals, prompting a last gasp transfer swoop from a desperate Arsene Wenger. Unfortunately his offer of two Mars bars and a can of coke fell short of the clubs £100m valuation, and the offer was refused.

The tour de force that is Creator didn’t stop there with another 3 goals, including a contender for goal of the season from midfielder Steve Lennon, who scored a thunderous half volley into the top corner that even the mighty Joe Hart wouldn’t have got a hand to.

After the whistle was blown on what can only be described as an epic 90 minutes, both teams moved on to a local drinking establishment for the post-match analysis (and some beers).

Self-appointed Manager Amreek Singh said ‘It’s a great start to the season but we need to keep our feet on the ground and train hard’

Looking to continue their winning streak, Creator’s next match will be against Interoute at the end of September.

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