Creator Summer Social 2013

Friday 19th July 2013

For last year’s Summer Social, the Creator Social Events Committee decreed that our intrepid staff would comb the streets of Camden in a Giant Twitter Treasure Hunt. How would they follow that? They decided that it was time to get physical…

Wearing the regulation short shorts and white vests, the Social team hijacked Regents Park and put eight colour-coded teams through their paces over a number of highly skilled rounds. Highlights included the ‘space hopper relay’ and ‘wheelbarrow race’ to name just a few, but everyone’s favourite by a country mile was ‘swizzle stick’ which saw Creator’s best staggering in all directions and landing face first in the dirt.

It was a closely fought battle, with no end of controversy due to slightly megalomaniacal refereeing, but in the end it was the Green team who bagged the trophy along with this year’s bragging rights, and an unlimited amount of smugness.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and with only one hamstring injury and a couple of lost voices (still missing in action) it was another massive success for Creator’s Social Committee.

View more photos of the fun that day on Facebook.