DMA Awards 2013: 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze

Wednesday 4th December 2013

The Direct Marketing Association Awards of 2013 couldn’t have been more exciting for Creator, ending the night with 12 Awards.

These awards were made from entries across nine categories, including:

  • - Best use of Mobile (Gold)
  • - Best use of eCRM (Gold & Bronze)
  • - Travel and Holiday (Gold & Silver)
  • - Best Customer Journey (Gold & Bronze)
  • - Best use of email (Silver)
  • - Pharmaceutical (Silver)
  • - Best Loyalty Programme (Silver)
  • - Best use of data in digital (Bronze)
  • - Best Data Strategy (Bronze)

Mark Brennan, managing director, Creator, said: “We have been a keen supporter of the DMA Awards for many years so we were delighted and excited to be back again this year to showcase what we have been developing for our clients. Every year the industry produces breath-taking innovation in the plight for superior customer communications and service and this year is no exception, so we are privileged to have been acknowledged for our part in moving the industry forward with 12 fantastic awards.

“Our customer digital engagement solutions deliver an integrated personalised experience for each and every client’s customers making them feel special and valued. To achieve this, we combine the power of striking visuals with customer intelligence to deliver a truly tailored experience. Behind all of this are the pioneering minds that turn a spark of an idea into digital reality that positively impacts on millions of people. This is translated into business advantage and bottom-line profit.  Our achievements are a true team effort,” added Brennan.