Let's bring your data to life

Friday 24th July 2015

Creator are steaming ahead with multiple data visualisation projects for our various clients. We're favouring Qlik®, leader software in user-driven Business Intelligence to put more powerful analytics into the hands of our clients. Clients are investing more in "on demand" marketing analytics as a natural extension to our single customer view and digital multi-channel platform services. We've invested in our data science expertise throughout 2015 and are now delivering major projects using powerful big data structures and cutting edge visualisation.

Our data scientists use QlikView & QlikSense visualisation technologies together with expertise in marketing analytics (together with "good old fashioned nowse") to blend all relevant data, perform advanced analytics, and share the output with end users in the form of online drillable reports, analytic apps and visualizations.

Increasingly we're architecting and providing "business discovery platforms", quickly bringing data sources together to create dynamic visual applications that can be navigated and searched intuitively.

If you are looking for better, faster, customer insight as a reporting or train of thought capability, we know how to quickly collate, configure and set up the best solutions. Our Data Scientists work with our clients to assess data sources, align and prepare data, identify business requirements, successfully implement a Business Discovery platform, and reveal patterns and trends in detailed analytics.

We'll provide affordable, easy-to-use Business Intelligence interfaces that enable you to explore your customer data sets, identify customer, sales or marketing performance trends and make new discoveries that drive innovative decision-making.

Come and have a look at what our Data Scientists can do with your data.