Data is only valuable when it is turned into meaningful and actionable insight. Creator's highly skilled data science team provide a wide-range of services; anything from performance reports, predictive analytics, segmentation solutions to bespoke customer behaviour insight including data visualisation solutions.

Drawing on our extensive hands-on experience over a number of years, we can provide best practice advice.


We create various automated online dashboard reports which are accurate, timely and fit for purpose to track campaigns with real time, contact-level reporting as well as monitoring control group performance, ensuring that we precisely measure the impact of business initiatives. For each client we produce daily performance reports providing engagement trends as well as tailor-made reports to help unlock insights and support data-driven decision-making.

Bespoke Analysis

Our aim is to deliver results-driven customer behaviour analysis that drives the future strategy of eCRM activity for our clients. Our data scientists will work with you to interrogate and interpret your data, and the insight we provide will enable you to strengthen your understanding of customer behaviour and their attitudes, use actionable recommendations to address business issues, and help understand and improve the customer value, loyalty and engagement.

Profiling & Segmentation

We'll help you harness the power of your multi-channel, multi-source data to segment customers based on demographics, behavioural facets or complex commercial aggregation. We believe in providing deeper understanding on who your customers are and driving relevant, targeted, individually tailored marcoms, driving up ROI and winning the war on attrition.

Data Visualisation

As a Qlik partner, Creator provides a business intelligence platform to all clients to turn data into knowledge and bring it to life through powerful info-graphics and data visualisations, making what the analytics reveal meaningful to people right across your organisation. Designed using automated analytics, cloud based technology and world class security that will turn complex data and analysis into easily digestible visual graphics that are simple, intuitive, engaging and fun.

There are no limitations to the way you can interact with your data, delivering business insight in ways you may never have imagined.

Strategic Insight

We scope and deliver analytical projects with results presentation through to implementing recommendations. We understand and can guide you through the challenges in decreasing digital engagement, through to basket abandonment. We provide our expertise and service to our clients to communicate actionable insight, highlight risks and commercial opportunities for acquisition, retention and loyalty strategies.

Measuring Generated Revenue

Creator's data science team are experts in measuring ROI for all programmes, in a variety of ways. Campaign-level revenues from engagement (and non-engagement), fallow cells, forecasting and measuring marketing impact on ROI. With our test-learn campaign evaluation experience we can improve targeting and implement changes to future campaigns based on what works.

Forecasting & Propensity Modelling

Predictive modelling anticipates your customers' next move, intervening at exactly the right moment to nurture a sale. We can predict how much a customer will spend, when customers are likely to churn and what customers are likely to purchase, to help decrease costs and increase revenue.

We can build robust, accurate models and help you integrate them into your communications strategy to maximise engagement and return on investment.

Web Analytics

Web analytics usually tracks traffic. Where is your "individual" in analysis?

Traffic analysis and individual analysis in a contribution model is difficult to achieve. We help you examine this under the microscope. We create the ability for you to track the individual AND the traffic so you can close in on understanding your digital channel performance more clearly.